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Picture books for children

Personalised . Handcrafted . Contemporary


The book was very nice. Arsh could relate to the central character, the Ladybug and understood the concept well.

Manpreet, Mumbai

Crawl, Walk, Fly is great read for infants and toddlers who wish to aim high. It has relatable characters and colourful illustrations for the kids to visualise. For the price, it's a steal.

Shweta, Mumbai

Quite interesting for kids having it personalised with their own name and nice colourful images. My kid loves it. Liked the travel-friendly size of the book.

Upasana, Mumbai

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About Babugosha

At Babugosha, we make personalised, handcrafted board books for toddlers. These books talk about life skills that we adults wish someone had taught us as kids. Our books are the perfect way to etch your child's name on something they will treasure and learn from. These keepsakes also serve as excellent return gifts on special occasions.

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