About Us

- Siddhant and Sunita, Founders -

We are parents to a surprisingly funny toddler. If you have become a parent recently, we are probably just like you - struggling well to become as good as the 'ideal parent' next door #nicetry.


In our search for the perfect books and toys which would keep our little one independently engaged, we realised there aren't many choices out there that are desi, personalised, worthy of keeping for life and modestly priced. Also, not many talk of themes that we wish kids these days would explore and imbibe earlier than usual. Ones which build character and foundational skills alike.

Babugosha, is our answer to this search. We make personalised, handcrafted books which are not only great keepsakes but also talk about mature themes simplified for toddlers. Give these books to your own kids or gift them to your kids' friends as party favors.

By the way, Sunita loves cooking and works in corporate strategy and I, Siddhant, love music and used to work as a management consultant.