How personalised are your books?

The extent of personalisation depends on the book title you are purchasing. It can involve just your kids' names and gender or your kids' friends and relatives' names depending on which title you are choosing.

How do you make your books?

We manufacture books in-house. They are hand-made but the illustrations are machine printed. Books are made one at a time.

Do you take bulk orders for party favors? How long do you take to serve one?

Yes we do. We'd love to make personalised books for your little guests. We need about 30 days to plan and process your order for a title from our catalogue. Please write to us (https://www.babugosha.in/contact-us) for a query.

Can you make a whole now book for me?

Yes we can. We have in house capabilities to craft customized stories. Please write to us for more information.